severed rat head portends…something…

The extreme is only extreme when seen through another pair of eyes.

If there’s a problem someone has studied it, but likely not solved it.

If you were to invite disaster to dinner, what would you serve it.

If everybody hurts, why do they keep inflicting more pain.

Are certain things actually bad for us or are we just bad at handling certain things…

Removal from one’s environment alters perception.

(But for how long. For. How. Long.)

Places feel a certain way and it’s hard not to notice.

Somewhere else slows time’s passing (is this why some people love to travel).

A wall is a wall until one climbs on top and then it is a perch.

The familiar done in new ways is better than the new done in familiar ways.

If you run in circles you always finish what you start.

The end of the world no longer frightens me.

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  1. These are all about perspective. I like them very much.

    • Thank you! Yes, I was recently away for a couple of weeks so experienced some shifts in thinking.

  2. Some of these need to become my new personal mottoes.

  3. isabelle

     /  April 30, 2020

    Hi, this seems relevant to now somehow… I got to it via your latest. Hope life is treating you well in these very strange times . X

    • How nice to hear from you! I am doing well and hope you are too. Yes, I agree it does seem relevant. It’s good to have these reminders of past revelations, be they big or small. I hope you’re still writing, even if just for yourself.



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