“Sea Legs” in Ship of Fools: A Flash Fiction Game (December 2020)

“Orbiting” in Dark Matter Issue 6 (Winter 2014/2015)

“Happy Holidays” in Based Issue 1 (Summer 2014) [archived here]

“The End of the Beginning” in Based Issue 1 (Summer 2014) [archived here]



An ekphrastic poem in Centrifuge (August 2015 – inaugural print issue)

One Poem in Paper Nautilus (2012 print issue)

Four Poems in Avatar Review 14 (Summer 2013)

Two Poems in Umbrella Factory Issue 10 (Summer 2012)

Two Poems in Gone Lawn Issue 7 (Spring 2012)

Two Poems in Stone Highway Review Vol. 1, Issue 2 (2012)


Narrative Nonfiction

How We Build the Byway” [a collaborative essay with Nathan Grover] in Peculiar Mormyrid Issue 10 (Fall 2021)

“The Reckless Beauty of Biking in Baltimore” in Indypendent Reader (Spring/Summer 2008)

“Porchbound” in Word Riot (June 2005)


Research & Criticism

Review of Disembodied, a novel by Christina Tudor-Sideri (Sublunary Editions 2022), Heavy Feather Review, November 2022

“Walking a Disappearing Line: Christine Brooke-Rose’s Treatment of Language Ambiguity in Xorandor,” a critical essay in the inaugural issue of a triannual festschrift celebrating the work of lesser-known European writers, published by Verbivoracious Press (March 2014)

“An Analysis of Book Reviews in Alternative Press Journals and Public Library Holdings of Alternative Press Books.” Counterpoise, vol. 6, no. 4, (Oct. 2002): 12.


Other Forms

An Erasure in Ink Sweat & Tears (February 2013)

“Silver Jean” [a vignette] in Vine Leaves Issue 2 (April 2012)

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