fragment 21

see how the living tend the dead
on a wedge of grass sewn between
the quarry and the chemical plant.

the quarry detonates explosives
once per day, a violent event
often not unlike an earthquake.
the plant contains enough
toxic materials (296,000 lbs)
that it must tell the feds
how many people an explosion
would affect. is it just me or…

as if they know, vultures gather
though of course there is nothing
here for them at this dull moment.
the dead are buried and the living
yet tend them. while in the grass
crouch downy killdeer young
whose alarms sound at my approach.

busy with its own survival
a great crested flycatcher
hawks insects on the edge
of this green death field.
and the gravel path yields
a skittering cicada as it
unwinds the last coils
of its own brief life.

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  1. Feel free to paint this on any wall you choose. Pen or pencil could also work, but paint seems more relevant.

    • Maybe I should go over there and ask them for some samples of their “coating resins” and use that. You know you want Butadiene and Isoprene slathered on your walls.

  2. Hell, there is probably already a coat of it on my walls…and in my lungs.



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