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These are limited print editions of projects originally serialized online.

Bunker Diaries is a fictional journal kept by an unnamed instructor while teaching a cadre of listless trainees in a desert bunker. It was serialized online in Fall 2012 and has been lightly revised for this print edition. It is no longer available online.

A vaguely Evenson-ian claustrophobia and sense of general unease is marvelously sustained through the short diary entries. The nature of the (possibly military-related?) “training” is left tantalizingly vague, and we get hints of dark events outside the bunker boundaries. The ending is appropriately futile and satisfying. Bill Hsu, Goodreads

Inner Harbor Field Reports is a compendium of observations made during lunchtime walks around Baltimore’s Inner Harbor between 2014 and 2019 (heavier on the early years of that range). It began as notes embedded in rambling blog entries (which is why this print edition seems like it starts in the middle of something, but trust me, you’re not missing out on any needed context). Eventually I decided to streamline it into pure observational bliss and moved it over to Tumblr. I had a good run there, until Tumblr inexplicably extended the long arm of censorship and shut down my site. Attempts at appeal failed and as my interest was already waning, I decided to end it there.

I enjoyed this project while it lasted, though, and so I thought it would be cool to memorialize it with this print edition. The text remains largely untouched, with only minimal corrections and revisions. The ending is somewhat abrupt, much like the beginning, closing on a sole entry from 2019. Although there is a postscript explaining the genesis of the project, the lack of contextual intro and outro is purposeful, for the intent of this document is only to offer a narrow slice of the ongoing continuum that is life at the Inner Harbor.

Sean takes a behaviorist’s perspective of locals, tourists, and birds. The peoplewatching and birdwatching happen side-by-side and the migration patterns of both are noted. […] Perfect for anyone who loves birds and hates people (but is fascinated by them). Davida Gypsy Breier, Xerography Debt #47

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Atomic Books: Bunker Diaries | Inner Harbor Field Reports

Quimby’s: Bunker Diaries | Inner Harbor Field Reports

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