juvenile mourning doves

Juvenile Mourning Doves, © 2016 S. D. Stewart

Juvenile Mourning Doves

These two have been hanging out on the deck railing for the past few days. Their parents drop by from time to time and regurgitate food into their mouths. It’s quite entertaining.

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  1. This post is quite entertaining as well.

    • That’s their own poop they’re sitting in, too. I’d like to capture the regurgitation in a photo but I think it would lose something in the translation to still imagery. Maybe I can get a video recording of it.

  2. Even with the poop and vomit, that lovely color-texture combo in their wings is oddly calming. (I guess so, since the pair seems unconcerned about hanging out for an indefinite period where they are.) Birds rule.

    • Yes! I love their scaled feathers. The texture softens out as they mature, but it’s nice to see while it lasts.



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