slug convention

The other night while out walking Farley I came upon a slug convention on the sidewalk. Needless to say I was delighted. There were three slugs in attendance, fanned out in positions facing each other. What were they discussing? Based on their relaxed posture, I theorized that this was more of a social gathering than a formal proceeding of one of their professional associations. Perhaps the slugs were reviewing their plans for the evening. Undoubtedly those plans would involve incessant oozing across the surface of my front porch, as evidenced by the many shiny crisscrossing trails present there each morning. Farley showed no interest in the slugs, likely due to their lack of movement. And even if they had been moving I suspect their slowness would’ve bored him. He has no appreciation for the subtleties of motion. The slug life is no life for him.

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  1. deadhorse

     /  June 14, 2012

    preliminary to a slugfest?

    • Ah, deadhorse, if by “slugfest” you’re implying violence, then I would say no. This appeared to be an amiable get-together.

  2. taidgh

     /  June 14, 2012

    Slugs are plentiful here due in no small part to the weather. I’ve had to be alert and guard my lettuces against the slugs. Eggshells to do the trick and so I’ve built a wall of it around my veggies to keep them out. I swear they are plotting the demise of my garden as I speak.

    • Luckily my garden is in containers on the deck this year, far out of reach of the slug convention.

  3. Probably just feeling sluggish and hanging out. They seem to hold their meetings in my lettuce patch around here.

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