old dreams

Excerpted verbatim from dream journal:

7/14/09 – Was looking at faces of famous figures projected on the wall and each had a message to give. Walt Whitman appeared in black and white. He says, “The country is totally fucked now. I tried to warn you with my poem but you didn’t listen.”

10/4/09 – I died but in this dream world after you die you continue to walk around and be active like a live human being. This allows you to finish up your business on Earth, like making out will, etc. I can’t remember how I died but I was young, like the age I am now. I remember riding on a train and G___ came to meet me; he was kind of watching over me. You have two weeks from your point of death before you truly die, so there is a lot to do in a short time.

Quote from dream on 9/27/10: “See to it that anarchy is restored.”

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  1. Your dreams are brilliant. Especially the two weeks to wrap things up after you die.

  2. I have been dreaming more lately. My method is called “cat on bed” and it involves not rolling over and squishing the cat. I dreamed that I needed help from dormmates to make applesauce for horses. My dreams do not seem to involve a high level of conflict or death, as my friend Boris’ do. Maybe it is a guy thing?

    • Haha…I like the applesauce dream. The majority of my dreams aren’t violent or full of conflict. I’d say I have just a handful of those each year. It would be interesting to compare dreams by gender, though, and see if any patterns emerge.



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