Drinking cold coffee and thinking about routine.  Do you love or loathe it?  I’m conflicted, myself.  Stepping outside of routine allows new perspective to flood in, the cracks and gaps full of seeping insights.  But without the comfort of familiarity wrapped around us, we are vulnerable.  There is exposure to the unknown.  There is loss of control.  The older I get the more I think about this.  Do I want to walk along the boundaries, toeing the lines, free to move across them at any time?  Do I want to take those risks that seem less appealing with each passing year?  Does being grounded have to shut off the tap to the creative flow, or even merely reduce it to a trickle that barely hydrates a parched mind?  Is there a way to squeeze a pulsing ribbon of liquid life down to those potbound roots?  Perhaps I have not struggled fiercely enough.  Maybe there is a balance that I just have not yet discovered.

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  1. I find I have finally discovered that I love routine. I find my body also likes it, too (such as going to bed & getting up at the same time every day). The most I change is what I eat since I love to experiment & make delicious food in the kitchen!



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