routine part ii

Certainly routine has its place in life.  For example, recently an infant stayed at my house for an extended visit, affording me the chance to observe how routines helped both the parents and the infant (unknowingly, perhaps) to manage their life together.  Point to ponder:  even from an early age, we humans experience life as an ordered structure of events.  But when too much of your life feels governed by routine, this can’t be a good thing.  Take office work, for example.  I work in an office setting; however, many of the people in the field in which I work are drawn to it because of the opportunity for travel.  They itch to travel, and when they don’t get to, they are restless.  They seek escape from the office drone lifestyle, so infused is it with the boredom of routine.  I personally don’t want to travel for work, and I suffer the consequences of asserting that preference.  I face the blandness of routine each and every work day, but I don’t think that I wish for the complete disappearance of routine from my life.  It has helped me in the past and I still see some value in it.  In some cases, I even think it keeps me from completely falling apart.  But what does everyone else think?  I feel like I’m talking in circles.  Will anyone de-lurk and weigh in on this issue?  I know there are at least a few of you reading this thing.

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  1. Check your email! I'm writing a response to this.

  2. It definitely, always, comes down to balance. And, of course, the necessary balance differs from person to person. In my own case, over the last 8 years my work has gone from somewhat routine to completely chaotic. The result seems to be a mental tiredness and need in my off-time for simplicity… no, not simplicity, more like… easiness. My tendencies and the locations in which I pursue them have narrowed, which was fine and relaxing until things reached the point of monotony. The balance has been thrown off and I'm left searching for some kind of routine I can add to my life that will provide stimulation without creating complication, in between the chaos and sloth. I think it is possible to "walk along the boundaries, toeing the lines, free to move across them at any time". We just need to maintain awareness and make adjustments as necessary. That's the hard part.Have you seen the movie "Man on Wire"? It's very interesting to watch when one is musing over this issue.



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