day and night

Blank mind in daytime hours. Night mind at rest stuffed with latent flotsam. To reconcile impossible. In sleep, what’s behind the wall stirs. To empty into linear thought, an uncertain task. In waking, the trivial seeds itself deep in dry barren soil. Buried even deeper dwells the core. I seek only to scrape down and gaze upon it for a moment.

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  1. Have you ever heard of The Artist’s Way ( Some of her ideas and exercises are a little ‘out there’ for me, but I do like her recommendation of something called “morning pages”. As soon as possible after you get up in the a.m., you sit down and write three pages of anything. It often begins as stream of consciousness but can evolve into surprising stuff. Might be a helpful way to do some of that scraping.

  2. Can I love this?



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