reclaiming sunday from ambiguity

Readers of previous incarnations of this blog may recall past reflections on my ambiguous feelings toward Sundays. Many people I’ve talked to who report for work without fail on Monday mornings share these ambiguous feelings. Sunday is supposedly part of the weekend, but it often feels like a day of counting the hours down to the start of another work week. Today I decided, not quite consciously, to fill my Sunday with activities in order to distract myself from thinking about the inevitable surrender of my time tomorrow to the people who cut my paycheck. I rose early and joined my good friend betes for a brisk birding jaunt through Fort McHenry. We ended up with a total of 15 species, not bad for the first day of February and without even entering the woods. From there I hit the grocery store for the week’s shopping (not exactly fun, but necessary and capable of producing a feeling of accomplishment). An unseasonably warm afternoon inspired me to seize the bike by the horns (i.e. handlebars) and cruise the county roads for a couple of hours. This adventure confirmed my suspicion that I had indeed fallen badly out of shape. A winter without a gym membership was apparently a bad idea. Anyway, back home from my ride I dashed out a spate of cooking, then gobbled up dinner. Now I am in repose, imbued with the pleasant weariness that results from a fully active day. Sunday blues, I have vanquished you!

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  1. Hi, Sean! It's Maria. I know just how you feel about Sundays. It's hard not to but it's nice to know others feel the same way. It was warm here today, too, (42 degrees after the deep freeze that is a MI winter) & sunny. Spring is on its way…

  2. I’ve had that same vague feeling about Sundays, so thank you for putting it into words.I hit the trails up at Soldier’s Delight today and was amazed at the number of cyclists I saw. It shouldn’t have surprised me because of the warm temperatures, but those roads were still fairly slushy along the edges. I hope wherever you pedaled was safer.



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