and finally there was rain.

>After a very parched couple of months, we wake to a rainy day. I miss them. This morning a wee bird hunched under the awning of the feeder, leisurely pecking away at its breakfast and looking out at the wet green world around it. I feel like hunching down somewhere myself after the hellion broke through the veil of sleep last night, leaving me with a few hours of restless twisting and turning before NPR finally popped on and banished all hope of returning to slumber land. Spacey accurately describes my current state of mind.

I watched Jesus Camp the other night. Disturbing, but nothing I didn’t expect already. More fertilizer for growing the decision to leave the country, or better yet, the planet. On Monday at work I read that by 2050 the UN predicts that the world population will stand at over 9 billion, which is about 40 percent higher than what it is today, meaning that we will need the equivalent of two Earths in order to sustain ourselves. Since we all know that we don’t have an extra Earth lying around, those of us who are below the age of, say, 45 are likely to witness cataclysmic death and destruction on a grand scale we have previously not seen in our lifetimes.

The American people, including our stupid current presidential administration, are largely in denial. The carbon footprint of the average North American is double that of a European, and seven times that of the average Asian or African. The United States alone produces 25 percent of world CO2 emissions. We are digging a grave big enough for the whole world to lie in. How considerate of us. I’m sick of hearing about voluntary emissions caps for our corporate thugs. I’m sick of reading these facts and figures at work that put me in a foul mood and make everything seem hopeless. And I’m sick of standing with my bike at city intersections, coughing from the exhaust fumes, and watching as cars, SUVs, and minivans pass by, with nearly every one of them empty besides the driver.

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