>not again…

>These are the words of a bored person. Well, perhaps bored isn’t the correct descriptor. While it is true that my work bores me, I am not bored with my life. However, work still takes up a fair percentage of my life, so therefore bored might be the right word after all. I suppose it’s probably a question of semantics. And percentages. Which means that, if I cared, I could probably work out some kind of mathematical model to prove whether or not, in absolute terms, I actually am bored or not. But I don’t (care, that is).

I am forever in a conundrum because I do not want challenges in my work, because generally challenges come in the form of responsibilities. And responsibilities make me nervous. I don’t like being nervous because then I am stressed. And I hate stress. So I take jobs that don’t have much in the way of responsibilities and then I get bored.

I don’t like to be relied upon because then I am forced to be reliable day in and day out. And I just can’t guarantee that. I don’t want to feel like I need to be at work at a certain time every day or else holy hell will break out or, god forbid, I’ll miss a meeting. I’m not interested in leaping out of bed at 6:30 AM every day. I enjoy waking up gradually, and doing a fair amount of staring at the ceiling or gazing through the trees at the clouds. I also prefer to spend at least an hour watching the birds as I drink my coffee.

It’s not that I don’t like to work, per se. I’m just not interested in the types of jobs that modern society has to offer. It would be different if my job was to say, gather enough food to eat for the day and build a shelter to sleep in. That would be interesting and meaningful, and would require skills I could use to survive in any number of situations, such as the coming ecological holocaust.

Well, I better go see what the day has to offer.

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