under the hood, or why employment sucks

I look at her and I think elven. I look at him and I think trollish. Can we agree to populate a new Middle Earth? A magical world beneath the earth’s crust but filled with yellow light and many moons, odd trees with moving limbs, fens and fields. I found the path, hidden in some words, beneath a curious pile of stones. It’s the wanting that matters, never the getting. The emptiness that follows never fills, so hollow, so immediately expected.

URGENT POSTSCRIPT: I started writing this, during a meeting, on my notepad beneath a drawing of a giant eye and a drawing of a unicorn that I labeled ‘uni-bull.’ The eye was labeled ‘the eye.’ After some time the unicorn grew spines on its back and a spiked battle flail for a tail; meanwhile, the eye took on an increasingly menacing look. The whole thing started when I noticed how one of my new coworkers looks remarkably elven and I began to imagine her ears growing to points up through her hair. See below for the Actual Page™. As you can see, the text has gone through some revisions since it first leaked from my pen. In the notes, ‘STP’ [sic] refers to the band Steel Pole Bath Tub, which formed in Bozeman, Montana. ‘Pig Latin’ is a reminder to myself to look up an online Pig Latin translator (for a private project), of which I found two: here and here.

Note: This post was composed during repeated listens to the unreleased Steel Pole Bath Tub track ‘Unlistenable 1’ available on the band’s website.

© 2012 S. D. Stewart

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