friday birds (with bonus turtles)


Fox Sparrow (Red), © 2016 S. D. Stewart

Fox Sparrow (Red) – my favorite sparrow


Wood Duck, © 2016 S. D. Stewart

Wood Duck


Hermit Thrush, © 2016 S. D. Stewart

Hermit Thrush


Eastern Painted Turtles, © 2016 S. D. Stewart

Eastern Painted Turtles taking the sun at Black Marsh.

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  1. Great photos, particularly the painted turtles. I look forward to their return to our area this year.

  2. How could it be anything but a good day, when bonus turtles are around? Those are some sporty fellows.

  3. That wood duck looks like someone took a paintbrush to it. It’s a work of art.

    • They are certainly striking. And not easy to photograph. This one was at a great distance and after I got off a few quick shots I tried scoping for him again through my bins but both he and his mate had vanished into thin air, while the pair of mallards they were hanging with were still dozing on a log.

      • Birds in general are pretty unreliable models, aren’t they? And, darn it, I was talking to someone about birds the other day and they asked a question I had no clue about and I was going to ask you, but now I can’t remember what it was…

        • In general, yeah, although some are definitely much trickier than others when it comes to photography. And being a total amateur adds another set of obstacles to overcome.

  4. Turtles, I love the turtles.

  5. Now that’s my favorite sparrow, the prettiest I’ve yet seen. And I LOVE those turtles, I think we (residents of my city) have some in a fountain in an outdoor mall. Whenever I pass by they are craning their necks in the same way. All the visitors want to photograph them, and I’ve done so a few times myself.



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