crows on a fence

Crows on a fence, © 2015 S. D. Stewart

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  1. kalidurga

     /  October 13, 2015

    Great shot. If you’re ever looking for a weekend day-trip, you might want to drive up to Shepherdstown, WV, across the river from Antietam. There’s a pair of ravens that seem to be living there along the Potomac, I see them every time I’m up there anymore.

  2. Thanks. These two were staring down a hawk on the other end of the fence. Unfortunately I couldn’t fit them all in the frame from how far away I was.

    I still haven’t checked out Shepherdstown, though it’s long been on my list of places to visit. What’s good to do there? That’s cool about the ravens. They are now becoming fairly common in Baltimore County, which is great. I had a pair at Cromwell Valley Park a few weeks back. The hawk watchers at Cromwell saw them a few days in a row.

    • kalidurga

       /  October 13, 2015

      Ah, Shepherdstown is one of my favorite places. Great tea shop/restaurant (Shaharazade’s), great diner (Betty’s), great coffee shop (Lost Dog), couple of great cemeteries, a monument to the builder of the first steamship (Rumsey Park, where the monument is located, is a great place to watch for the ravens), just a beautiful spot along the river. And, as I mentioned, it’s very close to Antietam Battlefield, as well as Harpers Ferry.

      I’m not familiar with Cromwell Valley Park, where’s it located?

      • Sounds great- I will have to check it out.

        CVP is north of Baltimore city near Towson. Exit 29A for Cromwell Bridge Road on I-695. It’s only about a mile east from the exit. Probably my favorite park in the area.

        • kalidurga

           /  October 13, 2015

          It’s rare that I head in the direction of Towson, but I’ll have to put that on my own list.

  3. Been meaning to say this is an excellent shot. Simple as that.



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