words and music from john fahey

“All I have ever done with music was to depict various emotions in an organized and coherent musical language, especially hate, fear, repulsion, grief, depression, or feeling nothingness.”

John Fahey, liner notes to The Legend of Blind Joe Death (1996 reissue of his first record Blind Joe Death)


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  1. Finally got a chance to listen to these and need to thank you for posting them. Fahey was a strange and mysterious sort of musician and I really need to learn more about him.

    • Glad you enjoyed them. He was an interesting guy, for sure. There’s a lot of good footage on YouTube of live shows, interviews, etc. And there is a 2012 documentary called “In Search of Blind Joe Death.” Here’s the trailer.

      • Ah, thanks for that, too. Looks like the dvd is coming to Netflix at some point, hopefully sooner rather than later. I’ll have to find a moment to troll YouTube, as well.

  2. Thanks. Fahey an American original whose stock will rise. Regards from Thom at the immortal jukebox (plugged in now).



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