ideas for ‘missed connections’

[Sappy]  You: Reading poems in the library. Me: At the next table, writing poems for you.

[Creepy]  You: Staring out the window. Me: Staring back from behind that tree.

[Retrospective]  You: Wondering where I was. Me: Living next door.

[Modern]  You: Checking your phone. Me: Checking my phone.

[Incompatible]  You: Running a marathon. Me: Lying in a ditch as you pass by.

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  1. inalonelyplace

     /  November 20, 2013

    Love this. Love the brevity. Love the truth.

  2. I read this while listening to Boards of Canada’s Geogaddi, resulting in some pinkfloyd/oz situation. I can’t decide if Gyroscope ought to sync up with [Creepy] or [Modern].

    • WordPress suddenly regards you as a potential threat. Should I be alarmed. Have you adopted a new persona.

      • I hear it shifting back and forth from [Modern] to [Creepy]. Maybe I should try only writing in sync with Boards of Canada songs.

      • It’s my most alarming persona yet. Fear me.

        Captain Beefheart makes the actual best writing accompaniment so you should also sync that whirl, bat chain.

  3. What inalonelyplace said.

    Boards of Canada seem to have this effect – I’ve twice tried writing in sync to their albums. Great motorway music too.



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