nothing = goth inn

something = ghost mine

anything = tiny hang

everything = the very gin

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  1. I’ve dropped by The Goth Inn many a time.

  2. I’m thinking of opening a bed & breakfast with that name. It will be tastefully decorated all in black and breakfast will be served starting no earlier than noon.

    • I’m a tad buzzed this Sunday morning, so I read that as it would be decorated in black and breakfast. I guess that would be more gothpunk.
      But now would be a perfect time to drop by this inn and get some breakfast off the walls.

      • I guess a comma might have been in order there. Regardless, the customer is always number one at The Goth Inn, so if you want breakfast served off the wall, then that is where you will find it. And in that case I recommend the pancakes, as they probably suffer the least from vertical storage.

  3. You’re quite right: a dab or two of syrup ought to affix those flat fluffy hangover-dissolving confections right to the wall. Who knew condiments could be both delicious and utilitarian? Is syrup a condiment or a topping? Will there also be streams of coffee suspended in the air? Are you well on your way toward creating a goth utopia? I think so.

    • I think of syrup as a condiment, whereas fruit and/or whipped cream would be toppings. I used to work at IHOP so I know these things. There will actually be a coffee waterfall that you can dip your cup into. As I’m sure you know, goths require copious amounts of coffee to get their day started. Do you think a goth utopia is even possible? I wonder. I thought most goths were perpetually dissatisfied.

  4. The utopia can only be in the surroundings, not within the goths themselves. The waterfall will be symbolic of this.

  5. Ah, that makes sense. With that in mind, perhaps we will serve flaming coffeefalls.



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