rain crow has landed

rain crows

Printing in progress!

After a five-year hiatus, I made a new zine. This manuscript was first conceived for a chapbook contest that I did not win. Rather than continue to run hither and thither for possibly years on end with Rain Crow clenched in my clackity-clack claws, prostrating myself before the micro-press literati, I decided to publish it myself, just like I have always done. Regarding the content, it has all appeared here in this space in one form or another. So, it’s possible regular readers may not be interested. However, in its defense, it does feature illustrations and a handmade cover. Reading words in print has also been proven to cause less eye strain than reading them on screen, according to an unscientific study conducted by a known “damned bastard of a cloud-monger” (Baudelaire’s words, not mine).

Orders can be placed through PayPal (from this page) or by old-fashioned cash through the post (if anyone does that anymore). I am also open to TRADES. While I hope to recoup at least some of my printing and postage costs, I am definitely interested if you have something to barter in exchange. This can be artwork, writing, music, or any other kind of creative eruption. It does not have to be a zine. It can be some hand-scrawled poems you wrote while waiting for the bus. In fact, that might even be better than a zine.

If you want to send a trade (or cash), send me a message so we can trade addresses.

Order by PayPal here. If you have a color preference from the photo above, please make note of it in the order form. All colors are limited and others are yet to be printed, so there are no guarantees, but I’ll do my best.

SOLD OUT! Maybe check Quimby’s.

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  1. ashley thomas

     /  May 31, 2013

    I am completely devoid of creative eruption. But I am happy to see that this exists.

    • You may not be erupting at this moment, but I know the magma is still within, and the lava will yet flow again.

      (Is that overdoing the volcanic metaphor? I hope not.)

  2. Will you except shiny pebbles? I know a beach full of them. On a more serious note – wonderful news on Rain Crow. The cover looks great! I’ve been thinking about making another zine the past few weeks though inspiration is a little slow coming. Perhaps a Science Fiction Zine is in the works. I’m not sure why. A strange one to conjure. The Dublin ZineFest is coming up in August so maybe that’s a good incentive so to get the creative chaps on.

    • Thanks for the kind words, Taidgh. I will most definitely take shiny pebbles in trade. And if you can find a way to magically transport me to that beach, even better. You should do another zine! Science fiction sounds great. I’ve always found zine fests to be good motivators, too, so I say strap on those chaps and get to work. (I have never heard that phrase “get the creative chaps on”…did you just make it up?).

      • I’m not really sure where creative chaps came from. It just entered my head and it seemed right. I must check if it really is a phrase or if I made it up! Sure I’ll send you my Science fiction zine if I get round to it. I’d say time travel will show up somewhere.



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