spring sprang sprung

With the year’s first sighting of cigar-smoking man (scroll to the bottom of that page for full enlightenment), we solemnly herald the official arrival of the so-called warm season (so-called by me, that is). Cigar-smoking man (or cigar-smoking guy, as he is also sometimes known) appears to be growing a beard. He was not in the company of his lady friend. I wonder if they are still an item, as they say (the other, more generic they, that is).

Warm season brings a slow shedding of clothing. An increase in flesh exposed to the sun’s rays. Perhaps even corporate nudity. Certainly tourists.  And what I fear most of all: mosquito death squads. It’s all too much.

What will I write about this warm season without sounding highly repetitive.

Wait, don’t read those other posts…it will all soon become painfully familiar.

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  1. I’ve never had much issue with mosquitoes, thank heavens, but gnats drive me to murderous rage. Rode through cloud after cloud after cloud of them along the Potomac the other day, so thick that it felt like being pelted with buckshot. I hope they were not a precursor of the rest of the spring/summer.

    • Yes, gnats are annoying, too. I ran into them last week while out birding. Thankfully there were areas where they had not (yet) congregated. You’re lucky to not be tormented by mosquitoes. Here in the city the invasive ones are the worst…the females are active all day looking for blood (as opposed to the native ones, which usually don’t come out until dusk). I basically can’t use my deck or linger outside my house for more than a few seconds after mosquito season starts. It’s terrible.

  2. We have midges here. Pretty much a cloud of different types of flies and they like to draw blood. I have become weary of aerial assaults. Looking forward to tourists turning up in their droves so they can be eaten alive – instead of me.Fresh, new blood is always tastier. I hear.

  3. That sounds horrifying. I’m sure I would not fare well in a cloud of midges. And I hope you’re right that fresh new blood is tastier. Maybe that means this year they’ll go after my new neighbors instead.



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