r___ed f__ling

© 2012 S. D. Stewart

Erased from Ch. III of Nerves and Common Sense (1925) by Annie Payson Call

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  1. How did you find this text? I love it’s Nietzschean moment: “cruelty made the work happy and healthy.” Last night I had a rest with some new music.

    • Actually I think you would enjoy reading the original. It’s full of gems such as Chapter II, which is entitled “How Women Can Keep From Being Nervous.” The title of the chapter I erased is “You Have No Idea How I Am Rushed.” Other chapter headings include “Irritable Husbands” and, possibly my favorite, “Imaginary Vacations.” You can find the original text here on Project Gutenberg, which is now my go-to place for potential erasure texts. I may be mining this particular territory for weeks, though, if not months.

      • Fantastic! Thank you very much. Your erasures are a lot of fun; I look forward to more. This all sounds very racy for 1925.

  2. Love these titles: “Irritable Husbands”, “Imaginary Vacations” – ha, kind of set your imagination on fire, don’t they?!



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