these glowing chains

This morning downtown smelled like a lit fuse.

After lunch I went back to find more monarchs. They were keeping company with one raggedy-looking Common Buckeye. A monarch almost flew into my face. I watched it shove its proboscis into every single bloom. I considered staying there all day.

Wikipedia disambiguates firefox from foxfire. This irritates me more than it should.

I may change my name to Dirge Foxfire and start wearing all black. Soon after, me and my drum machine Phalanx will start a band to broadcast the coming of the end. Only the people who matter will hear our message, of course. Later I will begin to glow as my corporeal presence slowly fades.

Lit fuse smell caused by three-alarm fire.

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  1. You should post more of your favourite music. I would probably learn a lot. I have been culling music that reminds me of my ex-boyfriend from my iPod in an effort to erase my memory of him.

    Yesterday Mr Heaton introduced me to Pye Corner Audio (see Youtube: which you and your drum machine might also like.

    Yaay for the monarchs!

    • Perhaps I will, although I don’t know about you learning a lot. I don’t listen to much new music anymore, so you probably know most of it already. I do miss the “Currently Listening To” feature on Xanga (my original blog platform many years ago). It was connected to a database that pulled in the album cover art and displayed it unobtrusively under your post. I am usually listening to music while writing on here, and that feature was a cool way to share music without beating people over the head with it. I wish WordPress had something like that. Xanga also had Currently Reading and Currently Watching, the latter of which I always thought was funny, just the image of someone blogging while watching TV was amusing to me. I guess the millenial generation excels at simultaneous media production and consumption. Personally, music is the only input I can consume while writing. And sometimes I can’t even listen to music. I can’t imagine watching a film while writing.

      Thanks for the link…I’d never heard of PCA and I do like it.

  2. I really don’t know much music. I read and write and think in silence. It’s only my massive commute I listen to music on. Lately there’s been a lot of Bowie and another one of Mr Heaton’s recommendations, Broadcast & the Focus Group, “Investigate Witch Cults of the Radio Age.” Their singer recently died of pneumonia so that’s it for them now.



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