o quiet moss erasure

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© 2012 S. D. Stewart

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  1. How do you know which parts to erase?

    • I try not to think about it too much. As I move through the text the process sort of takes on an organic quality where certain words fall away and others rise up. Mary Ruefle talks about looking at a text and seeing words hovering above the page, and thus knowing which ones to keep. I feel something similar is occurring. The more I do it, the more obvious it’s becoming. It’s also addictive.

  2. love it. Have you seen my post from “A Humument”? same idea from Thom Phillips:


  3. Nice – like it a lot!

    • Thanks! This comes by way of Ruefle so thank you for that thread of inspiration. I ordered one of her books today, despite having made a pact with myself not to acquire more books until others had left my possession. Oh well. It seemed necessary.

      • I think one can make an exception from ones anti-materialism & anti-shopping pacts – when the book in question is by Ruefle … wouldn’t you agree?

        • Most definitely. I consider books in general to be exempt from such pacts, hence my lack of commitment to them. It’s more of a space issue than anything. I have run out of bookshelves and the resulting piles threaten to topple.


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