blue moon

Last night there was a blue moon. I digiscoped some photos of it from inside the house, none of which I was terribly happy with, but here is one below. I was trying to capture the moon’s orange color, but needed the flash to do so and didn’t take the time to set it up properly so the scope’s lens would not reflect. The most orange ones came out too blurry. This was also taken through a window, so yeah. Oh well. It’s the moon.

© 2012 S. D. Stewart, Blue moon

Today I rescued a turtle from almost certain death. That felt good. I had never picked up a turtle before. I hope to pick up more before my time comes. I love turtles. Where’s my shell.

It’s September 1st and the humidity’s raging like someone’s got the summer clamped in a leg trap. If I find out who it is I’m gonna open a can of whup-ass on ’em. Or something. SOMETHING. Yes, indeed. I’ll remember this post come winter. Yes, I will.

Oh, and some hummingbirds finally showed up in the yard. They were out there this morning feeding on the trumpet vine blossoms. Of course I immediately put the feeder back out. Hopefully they’ll stick around for a while.

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  1. As the Italians express it “summer has broken.” Darkness and cold are sure to follow shortly.

  2. Congratulations on your turtle rescue. It’s good to assist the animal kingdom.

  3. I saw a picture of a turtle out of its shell. I felt very sad about it. So did the turtle (I think).

    • That is disturbing. This afternoon I found a dead hummingbird on the sidewalk with its head missing. It was so horrifying that I couldn’t even register a reaction; I just went numb inside. It’s rough out there in nature.

  4. Window or not, it’s a lovely photo. The story about the turtle made me smile. I hope the hummingbirds stick around too!

    • Thanks! There was a hummingbird out there again this morning. I think they are fueling up for their big trip to the south.



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