the one and the other go for a walk

How long can we keep going on like this? the one moaned.

What do you mean? asked the other.

You know what I mean, said the one.

Well, we can’t just abolish Mondays. Besides, even if we did, we would just have the same problem with Tuesdays now, wouldn’t we, said the other.

Why are you always so rational? complained the one.

It’s just how I am, said the other.

What if we just scrambled all the days together. What if, what if…we just took away their names and mixed them all up in a bucket and dumped them back out…do you think that would do something? asked the one hopefully.

The other’s fingers formed a tent.

I have an idea, said the other. Why don’t we take a walk?

Well, okay, said the one.

They stepped outside. The one sniffed the air.

It seems quite unlike a Monday out here, said the one.

How so? asked the other.

It just smells different, replied the one.

The other breathed in deeply and exhaled.

I smell fall, said the other.

Ooh, yes, that’s it! cried the one.

Fall doesn’t mean Mondays are going away, you know, said the other cautiously.

I know, said the one. But it’s something, isn’t it?

Yes, it is definitely something, said the other.

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  1. wonderful. thanks for the smile.

  2. I absolutely love these little dialogues you’ve written. Seemingly very simple, and yet so deeply moving! Bravo! :)

    • Thank you! I derive a lot of pleasure from writing them, maybe more than with anything else I write.

      • You should definitely keep it up then! :)

        • Actually the other day I wrote my first one in six months, so it seems the voices have returned…thank you for the encouragement!

        • I’m glad! :) I’ll be following to see what you come up with next :)

        • Thanks…I hope I can live up to the challenge! I like your blog a lot, by the way…your text and photos reflect each other in a very organic way, they seem well chosen. And of course there is the Joy Division theme, which always draws me in…

        • Aw, thanks so much! Yes, I can’t seem to decide between writing and photography so I kind of do a little bit of both, with varying success and emphasis on one or the other, but I’m glad it comes across as connected! :)

        • I know about that struggle with dividing creative pursuits…it is why I don’t play music as much anymore. At one point I forced myself to make a clear decision because it was driving me mad. I’d say you’re doing fine with your division of interests, though.

        • Thank you again, heh! This blog’s actually helped me loads in it. I kind of spent the last few years focusing primarily on my photography since that was something I could get feedback for much easier than my writing, and then when I started this little project it felt sort of natural to include the texts as well since they have a lot to do with the photos themselves.. in any case, don’t give up on your music. Maybe you can get something like an acoustic-literary thing going :)


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