new arrival

Just heard my first cicada of the year! Summer has officially started. Just in case the blistering heat around here hadn’t already tipped everyone off.

When does fall start again?

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  1. I love the the sustained cry of the Cicadas – to me they are the voice of Summer. That acute note, the song of immortal Tithonos – the exhalation of hot afternoons and purple shadows – thoughtfully recalled by Sappho and Montale, and reminding me of eternity.

    • Yes, I love them, too. I’ve never fully accepted that summer has blossomed until they start singing. I even have a cicada on my forearm (although people usually think it’s a butterfly or a bee, which is perhaps a clue as to how familiar with insects the average American is).

  2. Little makes me sadder than the transition from cicadas to crickets at the end of summer, despite how much I love the sound of crickets.

    • Good to hear from you! I don’t get to hear crickets much in the city, although I also like their music, but when the cicadas really get going it’s a welcome change from the usual city chatter.



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