can you fit your leg in your mouth?

Sometimes I’ll turn around and my dog will have almost his entire leg shoved in his mouth. This gives me great pleasure. His entire body is just one big toy to him. Don’t even get him started on that pesky tail.

It’s hot here and I remember now how I tend to lose my faculties in this type of heat.

Dream journal entry from last fall:

“I took a nap in the afternoon. I dreamed a fly flew in my mouth and I woke up choking on it. I fell asleep again and was dreaming about eating sesame sticks out of a bag when I realized there were flies in the bag and I may have eaten some. I woke up and there weren’t any flies around. It’s November.”

I vaguely remember that flies in dreams have a certain meaning but I’m afraid to look it up because I think it might be bad. I rarely try to analyze my dreams, although I’m not averse to the idea. I just haven’t explored it much.

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