the sound of drilling gets me down

Today they are repaving the street, thus deeming it unfortunate that this is the first Friday in a long long time that I’ve actually been home all day. Numbered among the factors that kept me at home instead of out romping in the forest and field with the birds were:  (1) logistical difficulties, (2) general malaise, and (3) the crash that comes at the end of migration (it’s just knowing that there will be far fewer birds out there, while most of the ones that are there are busy with family duties).  Even though I didn’t go out in the field, I did enjoy a bit of home birding.  I was happy to see some robins and mockingbirds gulping down wild cherries from both the tree out front and the weeping cherry out back.  And this morning a catbird’s constant song made the sounds of road resurfacing much more bearable.  Even a house finch stopped by to sit on the power line and sing his cheerful song, as a couple of goldfinches flew by in the background (haven’t seen many of them in the neighborhood this spring).

In general, though, I found that I did not enjoy being home all day.  I was restless and agitated, and while I did complete a few tasks I had wanted to, for the most part I languished unproductively.  I did not write the reviews I planned on writing (that are due in just over a week).  I tried but couldn’t bring myself to critique other people’s work, especially when I have absolutely nothing to show of my own, so really, what right do I have to criticize others when they are at least making an effort?  But whatever…it’s really neither here nor there what I did with my day.

As promised here are a few photos from last week, the first two of which are from Soldier’s Delight Natural Environmental Area.  

One of the blue-eyed grasses from Iridaceae, the Iris Family (I did not have my wildflower field guide with me, and the photo doesn’t allow for definitive identification of all the necessary field marks, but I think it’s either Sisyrinchium angustifolium or atlanticum). 

Eastern fence lizard (Sceloporus undulatus):

Finally, from the garden…

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