last friday

After a week of sickness, I finally escaped into the woods on Friday. I visited three different local birding hotspots, and was fully rewarded for my efforts. Of course, as migration heats up, I am painfully reminded each time I go out how many more songs I need to learn in order to feel even semi-competent. At home, I listen and listen to songs on the computer and iBird.  I also bring iBird with me in the field, and keep one earphone stuck in my ear.  I try to match up the songs, but when there are dozens of birds singing, it often feels futile.  I know I’m missing out on so many.  Ah well, here are some photos from my day. I wish I had a good enough camera to capture some of the amazing views of birds I see while I’m out.  Probably the highlights this time were the Prairie Warblers at Soldier’s Delight.  I went over there expressly for the purpose of finding them, and as soon as I stepped out of the car, I heard them singing.  I found one pretty quickly just a few steps in from the road, and watched him singing at eye level for quite some time. Truly a beautiful bird with a very pretty song!

First couple of photos are of Liberty Dam.  I found some Spotted Sandpipers feeding on the steps of the spillway, as Northern Rough-winged Swallows flew in and out of one of the drainage holes nearby.  The second two photos are microcosmic shots at Soldier’s Delight.

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  1. That second shot is fantastic. I haven't been to Liberty in ages, how do you get down to that spot?

  2. Thanks for the directions. I haven't been up that way in ages because Soldier's Delight is so much more crowded than it used to be, but I'll have to make a trip and look for that spot.The travelogue… My insanity, you mean? ;)



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