spring has come a-knockin’

Some recent signs:

First butterfly sighting of the year…an Eastern Comma soaking up the sun in the pine barrens area at Lake Roland.

I observed in awe the sheer determination of this sycamore fruit that had poked its roots down through two inches of snow to find the ground below.  Damn the snow!  I will sink myself into terra firma, for I must grow upwards!

I picked apart another sycamore fruit that was lying nearby (there were many of them).  Inside, it looked like this:

Meanwhile, a Song Sparrow sung mightily from the marsh area of the park.  He was too far away for a photo, especially with my point-and-click, but the sheer jubilance of his song filled my heart with joy.

This morning, a  juvenile Cooper’s Hawk eyed the feeder from its perch on the power line out back.  Looking for breakfast, but the little birds were too smart.  Someone must’ve tipped them off.  The Cooper’s was a new yard bird, and hung around long enough for us to have a good long look.

Also, inaugural House Finches appeared at the feeder.  A pair of’em.  Not sure why we hadn’t yet seen this ubiquitous feeder bird.  At the old house, they were probably the most abundant bird at the feeders, but until today we hadn’t seen a single one here at the new place.

Out front, a Song Sparrow rooted around under the rose bush.

On my bike ride to work:  about 200 Canada Geese honking and flying in V formation, headed due north.  I saw a similar sized flock yesterday morning.  It gives me goosebumps…such a powerful and primal event to witness!

Cardinals sang in almost every block of my ride.  And the grackles have grown much more vociferous with their strange electronic sounds.  They’ve also been making daily visits to the feeder.  I like to watch them drink from the bird bath because they have to point their beaks straight up in order to swallow. It actually looks quite elegant, especially when the morning sun catches their iridescent feathers just right.

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  1. Beautiful butterfly photo, the light was just right for that shot. And sycamores, one of my favorite trees! I buried another Jane Hirshfeld poem in this post: http://kalidurga.blogspot.com/search/label/Jane%20Hirshfeld I need to read more of her stuff, I always forget to look for her when I'm in book shops.

  2. Great pics! I can't wait to hike in the woods again!



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