why, yes, i should’ve finished painting that wall by now

When we bought this house I made a list of things to do/fix soon after moving in. I think my idea was to get it all done and then kick back and relax. There were certain things, like painting, that I just knew if we didn’t finish before moving in, they might not get done for some time.  Well, I was sure right about that. As I sit here at my desk, my eyes wander to the pile of switch face-plates that have yet to screw themselves back into the wall, probably because they are patiently waiting for me to first slap on that final coat of paint.  After so many months of living with half-finished projects, you become dangerously ambivalent to their incomplete status. In all fairness, I did complete some things.  But there’s still a list and I still look at it regularly and sigh. I am quite adept at avoidance, wasting colossal amounts of time daydreaming and mindlessly surfing the Internet. I could blame this on the cold winter, and my desire to hibernate. Really, I could blame it on a lot of external factors. But mostly it’s because I just don’t feel like doing it. I guess I am a slacker at heart.

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  1. I have not finished painting my kitchen cabinets. The switchplates are still hanging out on the desk, and I think I have probably lost some screws by now. There is a five inch triangle of space on the wall that has primer but no paint….i guess my point is, I totally understand. ash

  2. I began painting my apartment… three years ago, I think? The entry hall and living/dining room got done, and the bathroom was done by a contractor when the tub/shower was replaced. All in nice shades of golden wheat, pine green, and sage. Sun room, computer room, and bedroom, though, are still the same pepto-pink that they were when I moved in 10 yrs ago. No one can beat me at slacking, I inherited that genetic trait from a pro ;)The more important question, though, is: Have you gotten outside at all?

  3. After owning three houses (correction: after having 3 houses own me), I'm painted out. Next time, I will hire someone.

  4. Have a great time if you make it over to Blackwater. It must be incredibly quiet over there this time of year.

  5. No worries, Brett finally finished painting our place this year (two years after moving in). Me? I don't even care. Painted, not painted, half painted, it's all good. I guess I'm lazy that way too.



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