rethreading the needle

I decided it was time for a change around here.  Not just the colors, but the name itself!  A misnomer I’ve been itching to fix. The name never reflected the content, so I vowed to one day rectify that duplicity. Now that day has come! Unfortunately, the few of you who read this thing will now encounter a broken link. Hopefully we’ll reconnect at some point.

I’m trying to rediscover my writing voice. I temporarily lost it along the way somewhere. Or rather, I stopped using it as much and it faltered, got rusty, dried up, whatever. But I feel the words welling up again, surging toward my fingertips. And I’m hoping that as they travel through me their flow will act as a salve to the ugly welts that have sprung up in my psyche.

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  1. Glad I re-found you, and glad that you're feeling inspired again. Looking forward to the fruits of that inspiration…

  2. Hey! Thanks for the update on your Internet whereabouts. I'm glad to hear that you are writing and making music and enjoying your new home. Looking forward to reading and listening to your work. And thanks for the question too. A good, challening one, of course. Happy Thanksgiving. xo



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