Spring migration has been keeping me pretty busy. Up early before work for an hour of birding here and there, then back out in the evening if I’m not too worn out. On the weekends, trying for more extended trips, like last Sunday’s all-day adventure at Blackwater NWR. So many Bald Eagles!! Yesterday had a banner day at a new local spot I’d heard such great things about. It did not disappoint. And the rain could not dampen my jubilant spirits. A definite highlight was the Summer Tanager. A stunning bird, for certain. When not birding, I’ve been probing current disillusionment with my day job. Also reading Proust. And Joseph Campbell. They complement each other nicely, actually. Listening to a lot of Bill Callahan, aka Smog. Generally enjoying the spring weather and spending as little time inside as is required by my unfortunate need to exchange time for paper that has value and can be traded for things such as shelter and food…I think you’ve heard this all before.

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  1. So, I keep seeing this cute little birds, and I’m curious as to what they are. They’re a browinsh-dark gray color and they look like they have little white flecks along their backs and wings. Yellow beaks, I think. They’re on the small side. Is this like someone coming to the library and asking for that one book with the green cover? Any idea what kind of bird this is? I can only identify the obvious birds (though this may be an obvious one too, just not to me!)

  2. Oh, how funny. I was at Blackwater just yesterday for the Wild Goose Chase bike ride. My friends and I did some paddling nearby on Saturday, as well, and I kept thinking about how much I’d like one of those little electronic doohickies that identifies birds by their songs. Very glad to hear that you’re getting out there with the birds. I’ll never cease to be amazed more people don’t realize that nature is just as important as those little slips of paper.What Campbell are you reading?

  3. Ah, that’s one I’m not sure I’d heard of before. I’ve listened to some of his lectures on cd, and read two of his memoirs (Baksheesh & Brahman and Sake & Satori), but I definitely need to get into more of his stuff. The ride was great. Cloudy and drizzly, but otherwise very cool scenery and great food/rest stops. Last year they announced registration at the end of July. I’ll try to remember to let you know as soon as I hear about next year’s registration.

  4. Thanks. I ended up with two stitches in my elbow and a lot of sympathy from people at work this morning. So my faith in humanity’s been on that same roller-coaster. Or perhaps this was karmic payback for an incident that I once passed by. Who knows?



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