in the woods

Warmer weather lured me and Em Ell up the winding roads to Prettyboy. We hiked around and stalked the birds. We sat then in the soft brown grass under the still bare spreading boughs of a sycamore. The air is still; the wind rustles through the trees and the birds sing. I am calm. I am finally quiet inside. I think that if I spent every day of the rest of my life in the woods that everything would be okay. These moments are the antithesis of the hours spent in front of my computer at work. There is no substitute for them. These moments are bigger than anything else I can ever dream up to bring peace to my ragged mind.

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  1. So many times I’ve found myself in the woods, letting go of all the crap I’ve been carrying around from work, family, social whatever, and I’ve looked around and thought to myself “This is what’s important, this around me. This is what’s real.” Glad you got out and had some peace. Hold on to it.

  2. Actually, I have an inhaler and I find that it really helps to stop and use it 2 miles or so into a ride. For some reason, it does nothing if I use it before I start. Asthma indeed sucks, but the drugs out there do seem to control it fairly well.I should probably just face up to the fact that the biggest problem is my slothful lifestyle off the bike…



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