fundamental rules of bike commuting part one

A fundamental rule of bike commuting: on any two contiguous days on which an equal or similar chance of rain is predicted, if a cyclist suits up in full rain gear on one day then it will not rain no matter how dark and stormy the sky may appear and, in fact, the sun will likely break through the clouds causing profuse sweating underneath said rain gear; conversely, if on the other day the same cyclist does not suit up in rain gear, it will invariably rain a considerable amount, thus ensuring a fresh waterlogged professional appearance at work.

The phrase “slight chance of showers” is an empty meaningless phrase and should heretofore be banished from meteorological parlance.

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  1. Ratifying said phrase should be President-elect Obama’s first official act.Meterologists are glorified tea leaf readers.

  1. hiding under my deck from the insect overlords « lost gander


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