well, it’s september now…

and it feels like August, which seems about right seeing as August felt like September. Although it’s messing up my internal clock, which was preparing for Autumn. There have been a lot of goldfinches around lately, singing their sweet songs. We got a new feeder that accommodates even more birds. The clinging birds like it. I saw a squirrel out there and yelled at it to get off the feeder. It ran down the side of the house and started to go toward the nearest tree. But I had finally hung the squirrel feeder in the next tree over, and so I yelled at it to go over to that tree. It twitched its nose and then headed over, climbed up and found the feeder, then started nibbling on the super dense corn log I had stuck out there. Those squirrels are pretty smart.

This may well be my last week of employment. Ahead is the dark yawning abyss. I’m ready to make the leap into it.

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