creation story

the song “creation story” on the lungfish album “rainbows from atoms” defies description. it is one of those songs that gives me goosebumps every time i hear it. while i enjoy watching daniel higgs simultaneously play the mouth harp and the dulcimer, i can’t help but feeling he was totally and completely in his element when he wrote this song. it is a pinnacle of musical achievement.

a lyrical excerpt: “the people bound their feet with the skins of the animals to trample their own cities and each other. they developed external organs like guns and television sets. they believed that they owned things.”

descriptive words and phrases for today: trepidation, apprehension, fluctuation, strained and stretched, mixed up, thick with heavy dreams, disenchanted, disequilibrated, thought-provoked, facing forward on unsteady legs.

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  1. do u have lyrics of this song? HI!)

  2. great song indeed



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