warmth, where are you?

Sluggish arrival of spring, protracted and torturous as it is, hammers away at my spirit. Never have I anticipated the end of the cold this much. And with this anticipation comes the simultaneous advent of allergy season. Soon I will pass many afternoon hours with head nodding uncontrollably at my desk, drool hanging from my gaping mouth, powerless against nature’s forces ravaging through my respiratory system. Awesome! Meanwhile I struggle to pry away the crust of creative inactivity that has hardened over me, leaving me a dull cistern of lukewarm life juice, sloshing and slopping all over my dried up mental flooring. I played a little bit of music with other people the other day. It felt good. Really good. I felt myself slipping away to a place I haven’t gone to in a very very long time. I need to get back to that place more often. I need to dust it off and spitshine it til it sparkles again.

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