falling down the memory hole

>I often think that a good memory is more of a plague than a boon. With crystal clear pictures of the past, it becomes too easy to play those slideshows over and over. How much easier it would be to stay in the present moment if instead there was just a warm blankness backing up to the right now. There would be no comparisons to make, no regrets, no sense of lost time, no feelings of inadequacy, no hammering on the same old themes over and over. Everything would seem new and exciting.

Well, maybe having no memory at all would be bad. My friend posted an article on his blog awhile back about a guy who was in just such a position. It was kind of sad. But I often wonder how differently people’s memories work. Not everyone’s can be ready to project that detailed slideshow at any moment. Maybe I just wish I didn’t remember things so clearly and explicitly. I’d be satisfied with vague recollections, I think.

There was something else I was going to mention, but it was unrelated. Ironically enough, I’ve now forgotten what it was…

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  1. >Hi Sean,I remember sizes and shapes and the giz (outline) of things really well–the detail stuff. But, I don’t barely remember anything about events in my life, or stories (even movies) at all. For example, just last week we were re-watching that youtube video “battle at kruger” with the lions, buffalo, and alligator involved. I had forgotten what happens, so was thrilled as if never seeing it before when the tides turned for the baby buffalo (have you seen it?), and ben was cracking up and saying “you’ve SEEN this before!!!”. Anyway, memory is a strange thing.Love, Liz



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