So yesterday was better than Friday in that productivity was higher, although general satisfaction levels still hovered in the mid to low range. Today was somewhat of an extension of yesterday, with a slightly higher level of satisfaction, despite the persistent fog of malaise that continues to linger. It being Sunday evening, the impending doom of Monday has crept forth from its desolate lair and now squats smugly before me, its red demon eyes narrowed and its curved yellow fangs dripping with the juice of the last few wasted hours of freedom.

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  1. >wow. that was intense. and i find it strange that EITS would open for Smashing Pumpkins. this mystery is further compounded by the fact that someone offered me a ticket for the smashing pumpkins show, which i turned down. had i know, if only i had known, i would have gone to see EITS. i may have even stuck around for Smashing Pumpkins. today has been a waste, complicated by the fact that i don’t have work tomorrow. yay for state jobs!!!

  2. >It sounds like you need a rousing game of Blokus to perk up your spirits. I am also in need of some social interaction, but alas, I am deathly ill, and I’m trying to make it go away by laying in bed and computing rather than hovering my arm above a game bored. Whenever it gets better, we must get together. Btw, Shaharazads is serving a cheaper-meals menu now, to cater to folks like us.



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