joyful day

>I don’t think I’ve ever been happier for a person than I was today. I probably have not even ever been so happy for myself. Because this person knows what they want (yes, I know it’s not correct grammar…whatever, I’m not using s/he), and they jumped through a lot of fiery hoops to get where they are. And then they waited…and waited…and waited longer…and endured some absurdly frustrating circumstances in the meantime. I deeply respect that. And I envy this person’s absolute certainty that they love what they do. Because it is a rare thing, at least in my experience, to find something you love to do so much and find that you can also be compensated monetarily for it. It takes colossal effort and experimentation to merely find something that you love to do day in and day out, never mind getting paid for it. This is not something that I have successfully achieved, nor will I probably ever. The activities that I am truly passionate about, that pulse joyfully through my veins, are unlikely to ever bring me enough income to live on. So I will continue to slog on through the mindless jobs that come my way, carving out from them the necessary allotments of time I require to maintain my sanity by riding my bike and bleeding black words upon the page. But that’s okay; I accept my fate. And this person who is so important to me will shine on as a radiant beacon of hope and optimism before me. I will bask in that warm glow, and be ever thankful…for you and for all the joy you bring me.

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  1. >i just wanted to let you know i was lurking….and that i liked this post.

  2. >I love you. and I love that person too. (from ben, but i speak for liz as well)



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